3 Beam Photo Electric Sensor ABE-150

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3 Beam Photo Electric Sensor ABE-150 (N14,500/Pair)

The Active photoelectric Beam detectors are perimeter intrusion detector for outdoor application, e.g fence, wall, outside.  In standby mode, the photoelectric beams will create some invisible infrared rays. Once anybody passes through them, the invisible infrared rays will be block, and create alarm signal and then send to the alarm control panel.


  • Integrated DSP chip, patented multi-dimensional fault-tolerant, true detection alarm technology
  • Three groups coaxial aspherical dual-focus exact optical focusing lens;
  • Wired/BUS compatible, 8 sections digital frequency conversion;
  • Dynamic frequency analysis, intelligent alarm linkage;
  • Receiving and transmitting synchronously display, intelligent rain/fog recognition function;
  • Real time status report, non-contact relay;
  • Wide range power application, transmission power can be adjusted intelligently;
  • Can adjust beams without opening outer case.

 Specifications of the Photoelectric Detector: ABE-150 

  • Outdoor detection distance - 150m
  • Indoor detection distance - 150m
  • Number of beams - 3
  • Response  speed - 35~700m/s
  • Alarm output-normal  - Normally close and normally open (NC&NO) contact capacity  AV/DC  30V/0.5mA
  • Alarm linkage            Yes
  • Working voltage      DC 13.8~24V;AC 11~18V
  • Working current      65mA
  • Long-life mode        32mA   
  • Environment             temperature:-25℃~55℃ ;   humidity:5%—95% (RH)
  • Tamper output        Normally close(NC)   contact capacity AV/DC   24V/0.5mA
  • Adjust angle              Horizontal:180°(±90°);   Vertical:±10°
  • Case material            Germany PC
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